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Christ in a Box
When we first became friends, she showed me her treasures...
Rules that Perfect
My friend Lily is an expert rice cooker: she is Chinese, grew...

We are excited that you have chosen to visit us today! It is our desire to provide a warm welcome to our web site where you can learn about our church and its various activities.

Everyone is on a spiritual journey, and everyone is at a different place in that journey. What we all have in common is the need to move forward in our journey. This brings us to the question; "what's my 'next step'?" This is the origin of the name 'Next Step'. We are on this journey together and can help and encourage one another in our next step, whether it be a step to Christ, or a step for Christ, we will get farther faster doing the journey together. Remember John 3:14-17!

If you are looking for a place to connect with God and His people, a place where you can grow and serve, we hope you will consider making Next Step Seventh-day Adventist Church a continuing part of your worship experience.

Be sure and visit our Calendar and Activities areas... there you will find listings of ongoing activities you may be interested in. The Activities area is used to provide details of past events such as social events, baptisms and selected sermons.

Thank you for visiting us today and we look forward to welcoming you to our church.

God Bless You; Pastor Craig Wiles (417-818-6057)

Upcoming Events

Bible Study - Oct 22, Wed 6:00 PM - Midweek Bible studies - currently working our way through the...
Sabbath School - Oct 25, Sat 9:30 AM - Join us for a Bible study and prayer every Sabbath morning....
Worship Service - Oct 25, Sat 10:50 AM